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Drinks menu


Maison Zonin * (75cl) 40 €

The Prosecco Zonin Cuvée 1821 is a sparkling wine produced by the house Zonin. A family business but also one of the largest producers of wines in Italy. 

The Prosecco Bio Cuvée 1821 is a light sparkling wine of pale yellow color.

It is an elegant Prosecco with fine light bubbles.

It is an elegant Prosecco with fine, light bubbles. It has almond and apple flavors, as well as a few floral touches.

Champagne Colin cuvée Castille (75cl) 104 €

100 % Chardonnay
Vinification in stainless steel tanks and oak barrels.
Generous and aromatic, the nose opens on beautiful notes of maturity. We find ripe wheat, fresh straw, yellow fruits, pear, bergamot and some spices. A little exoticism brings a pleasant complexity with pineapple, mango or orgeat syrup.

The attack in mouth is greedy and generous, energetic, with red citrus fruits. The salinity typical of the chalky soil is well present. Notes of spices, licorice and ginger, blood orange and tangerine support the originality and precision of this vintage.

Jacquesson Cuvée 744 (75cl) 196 €

◊ 2016, our harvest in Aÿ, Dizy, Hautvillers (55%), Avize and Oiry (45%): the winter and spring were extremely rainy.

The winter and spring were extremely rainy. At first mild, temperatures dropped from the end of February, with heavy frosts at the end of April.

The end of spring is sunny but cool, but the summer is both very hot and very dry.

We start the harvest on September 19th and finish it on October 6th, with an intermediate stop of a few days to take into account a rather heterogeneous maturity.

The harvest gave us ripe and perfectly healthy grapes and the wines are aromatic and tasty with a special mention for the Pinot Noir, very successful. 


Henri Bardouin* (3cl) 5 €

Gold medal Paris 2020

Pastis Grand Cru Henri Bardouin is the fruit of a secret that has been whispered for 96 years.
It unfolds a symphony of flavors and aromas that meet, melt and reveal themselves to deliver a unique sensory dialogue between men, a land and the history of Haute Provence.
Ricard or 51* (3cl) 3 €

White Martini (3cl) 6 €

Created in 1901, Martini Bianco is nicknamed the Bianchissimo, which means “the whitest” because of the vanilla flowers at the heart of its blend.

Martini’s most famous creation is a tasty blend of aromatic herbs, flowers and white wines such as trebbiano that give it that subtle, sweet flavor. 

Rinquinquin ** (3cl) 6 €

A 100% natural aperitif, RinQuinQuin Bio is made with peach and peach leaf macerations.

It expresses itself on the fruity, vegetable and greedy freshness of a peach that we have just crunched!

Orange Colombo * (3cl) 6 €

Orange Colombo is an aperitif based on rosé wine from Luberon, infusions and distillates of sweet and bitter orange peels, cinchona infusion, sugar and alcohol.

It is a very refreshing aperitif, sweet and bitter, and cinchona.

PORTO * (3cl) 6 €

Casal Dos Jordoes Porto Tawny Bio

Among the top 1% of wines from around the world.
Gold medal at the 2012 Brussels World Competition

The Tawny Port is a natural sweet wine from the region of Porto in Duriense. The family estate of Casal dos Jordões exists since 1870.

This wine is a blend of 2 grape varieties which are the Tinta Barroca and the Touriga nacional.

Nice bouquet of Morello cherries, cocoa and cinnamon. A greedy and concentrated mouth, without heaviness.


Lub’ Blanche ** (33cl) 8 €

This traditional Lub’Blanche wheat beer is very thirst quenching and low in bitterness with slightly tart and spicy notes.

With a light body, balanced bitterness, and fruity flavor, it is best drunk chilled as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to a meal.

Lub’ Saison ** (33cl) 8 €

Lubʼ Saison is a very thirst-quenching lager, traditionally made in the winter on farms and stored for consumption at harvest time during the summer.

Lub IPA ** (33cl) 8 €

Lub’ brut IPA will explore the extra dry side of beer like a brut champagne.

No residual sugar, a clean, fine bubble, and no hindrance to the aromatic perception of exceptional hops added raw.

Dry-bodied, lightly bitter, and fruity in flavor, it should be drunk well chilled for the aperitif.


FARIGOULE * (3cl) 6 €

Thyme liqueur from Forcalquier

Farigoule is a liqueur made from infusion and alcoholate of wild thyme (Thymus vulgaris), sugar syrup, caramel, sugar and alcohol.

Douce * (3cl) 6 €

Half pear, half Cognac liqueur

The combination of the natural flavor of pears with Cognac makes Douce the most exquisite of all pear liqueurs.

Génépi * (3cl) 6 €

Liqueur from the Alpes de Haute Provence

It is a liqueur made of alcohol, sugar syrup, infusion, alcoholate of Génépi, and a touch of infusion of other aromatic plants.

Absinthe * (3cl) 5 €

Absinthe is a very typical spirit drink.

Composed of a clever blend of wormwood, wormwood, green anise and lemon balm, it is delicately sweet and slightly spicy.


Alfred Giraud (3cl) 19 €

Cuvée Prestige Heritage
Blended Malt Whisky, France

Heritage is an ultra premium French whisky, rich, complex and balanced in homage to Alfred Giraud. The Giraud family is a family of coopers and cellar masters since 1875.

This whisky is made from three distillates of unpeated French malt, aged in three types of casks: a majority of old cognacs, new French oak casks from Limousin and new American oak casks.

The blend is then aged exclusively in barrels containing very old cognacs.

It is presented in a beautiful luxury bottle.

Singlar * (3cl) 13 €

The only one of its kind in the world, the maturing of the “vin cuit” of Provence in barrels!

The Château de St Martin is one of the very few Provencal estates to continue to produce the famous “Vin cuit” in the old way.

Elaborated over a wood fire in a large copper cauldron, it will ferment for a few years in French oak barrels.

Once the barrels are emptied, a selection of 8 year old whiskies, at 76°, from the best Scottish distilleries and previously blended, are carefully poured into them.

After 3 to 6 months of maturing, which will have brought the desired smoothness, velvety, opulence and fruitiness (quince), the master breeder will proceed to the final reduction to 43°.

Headed by a boar (Singlar in Provencal) tribute to the founding work of the great animal sculptor Patrick de Barry.


Maison la Mauny Spiced (3cl) 19 €

A subtle blend of amber rums with spices from the West Indies.

A rich and smooth mouthfeel with Martinique spices and brown sugar, followed by notes of caramel and citrus. A tender and perfumed final note, original by its perfect smoothness and its character.
The nose is dominated by gingerbread, cinnamon and honey, followed by grey pepper and lime.
The color is old gold with mahogany and copper reflections.

Les rhums du Sud * (3cl) 6 €

  • Rosemary Lemon
    Delicate, lemony, tonic.

Garrigue by Rhums du Sud is Reunion Island transported to the limestone lands of Provence. The strength of rosemary is tempered by the freshness of lemon. The flavors are obviously southern but the result is very enchanting. It was necessary to dare such an arranged rum, it is successful. 

  • Passion Fruit
    Invigorating, enticing.

A passion fruit arranged rum as an aperitif immediately transports you to the tropics! Rhums du Sud uses this tropical fruit macerated in rum from Reunion Island. A touch of acidity, a great sweetness, the final result is diabolically invigorating!

  • Lavender Vanilla
    Perfumed, light, southern.

It was necessary to be called Rhums du Sud to elaborate a lavender vanilla arranged rum! Of Sicilian and Reunionese origin, Hugo Randazzo did not hesitate, he knew how to moderate the floral power of lavender by the delicacy of Bourbon vanilla.

White wines


Cave de Sylla – IPG Vaucluse * (75cl) 

Pale yellow color with brilliant reflections. 
Intense and heady nose of yellow fruits. Exotic and floral notes.
Round and ample mouth followed by a harmonious
and persistent freshness.

Château la Canorgue 35 €

AOC Luberon ** (75cl) 

Fabulous minerality for the blend of Roussanne, Marsanne, Clairette, Grenache, Bourboulenc, Vermentino…

To be appreciated with fish, shellfish or simply as an aperitif.

Crazy notes of citrus and exotic fruits. A wine of a beautiful complexity which, at the same time fat and long, keeps a very pleasant freshness.


IGP Vaucluse * (75cl)

The selection of the Viognier grape variety, which has travelled from its home of Condrieu in the northern Rhone Valley to our vineyard.

Golden yellow. Fresh apricot and lemon cream scent. Opulent mouthfeel, richness, fatness, freshness on the finish, elegance.


Domaine de Fontavin – Muscat de Beaumes de Venise ** (75cl)

“Natural sweet wine”

At the foot of the Dentelles de Montmirail, which benefit from a microclimate sheltered from the Mistral.

Pale yellow color with green reflections. Intense and complex nose: white fruit flowers, exotic fruits.

The mouth is fine, elegant and persistent: one crunches the fresh grape on honeyed notes. More complex aromas appear: candied orange, dried apricot…

Rosé wines

BEE Ö 31 € 

Cave de Sylla – AOP Ventoux ** (75cl) 

An organic cuvée that opens with discreet and fresh notes of peony and violet very typical of Syrah.

The same sensation of freshness runs through to the finish in a light-hearted, supple, very greedy mouth with its roundness and clarity of fruit.

A wine of fruit, with impeccable balance.

Château la Canorgue 35 €

AOC Luberon ** (75cl) 

Very pleasant with red meat, game, vegetables in the Provencal style…

Complexity and substance. Notes of red fruits and candied fruits. In the mouth, volume, velvety tannins and a very nice peppery and spicy finish.


AOP Ventoux * (75cl)

Special selection of the best terroirs for rosé. Picking at optimal maturity, with a search for an acid balance.

Salmon pink color. Notes of mango and lychee. Ample and complex mouth.

MINUTY Cuvée prestige 48 €

Château Minuty – Côtes de Provence * (75cl)

This pale pink wine expresses very intense aromas of citrus and white flowers. Its rich, velvety mouth associated with its freshness gives it an airy side.

Red wines

Saint Auspice 22 € 

Cave de Sylla – AOP Ventoux * (75cl)

Made from a selection of plots of syrah (98%) and grenache (2%) on stony
stony soil. Very light filtration.

Ruby red color with purple reflections. Complex nose with notes of blackcurrant and cherries accompanied by spices.
Smooth and powerful mouth, we find blackcurrant, blackberry and spices.

The tannins are silky. The finish is long and really greedy.

Château la Canorgue 35 €

AOC Luberon ** (75cl) 

A pretty rose petal color for our blend of Syrah Grenache and Mourvèdre.

A wine which will accompany as well grilled red mullet as a meat of small vegetables or an aperitif under the loggia.

A very expressive wine with notes of raspberry, red currant, strawberry. The small red fruits also burst in mouth. A very fine wine with a nice acidity and a persistent fruitiness.


Golden medal Orange 2020

AOP Ventoux * (75cl)

The cuvée Lumières is a rigorous selection of Grenache and Syrah from the village of Joucas.

Nose of fresh jam, scent of blackberries. Mouth with ample attack, very unctuous rich on jammy black fruits. Tannins melted with fat and complexity.

Domaine Bastide de Rodon 44 €

Cave de Bonnieux – AOP Ventoux * (75cl) 

It is made from rigorous selections of old Syrah (20 years) and Grenache (25 years) vines. Due to their exposure and harvested at full maturity, these parcels give very sunny and generous wines.

Red color with purple reflections. Nose of very ripe red fruit. Very round mouth with a marked bouquet of red fruits. 

Glass of wine (red, rosé or white) 6 €

Cave de Sylla * (12cl)


Home made cocktail * 12 €

Mojito revisited with garrigue rum, lemon and sage from the Domaine.

Lavender cocktail * 12 €

Signed by the Domaine de la Santonne, this cocktail is a subtle mix between lavender rum and garden verbena.

Softs drinks

Fruit juice  ** 9 €

Freshly pressed organic fruit and homemade.

Coca-Cola  3 €

33 cl

Ice tea  * 5 €

Peach. Made in France

100% organic

Perrier  3 €

33 cl

Beer without alcool 4 €

25 cl

 Tourtel with peach. 

Panaché  3 €

25 cl.

Max 0.5 % alcool

Sirup ** 2 €

Cueilleur de douceur.

Made in Provence.

100% Organic.  33 cl

    Strawberry juice.
    Thyme, rosemary, sage, lemon.
    Raspberry juice, elderflower, lemon, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla.
    Fine lavender and hibiscus flowers, lemon.
  • MINT
    Peppermint infusion, lemon.
    Lemon juice.
    Raspberry juice
    Orange, sea buckthorn, lemon and carrot juice.

Mineral water * 5 €

Mineral water 808 from Aix en Provence (75 cl)

It is at a depth of 808 meters that the natural mineral water of the Aix-en-Provence region preserves its virtues.

Sparkling water * 5 €

VALS sparkling mineral water (75 cl glass bottle)

Since 1602, the natural mineral water of Vals makes the Ardèche sparkle to the rhythm of its bubbles. This historic water, served at the court of the kings of France, is among the oldest exploited springs in France.

Hot drinks

Coffee * 4 €

Bellarom coffee
Peru BIO
Pur arabica : Sweet and fruity

Decaffeinated * 4 €

Biodyssée coffee
Made in France – organic
Pur arabica : Soft and round

Tea * 4 €

Green tea Earl Grey
Frisch and fruity

Thé noir Breakfast
Full-bodied and mellow

Infusion ** 4 €

At the Jardin d’Ô, plants blossom in the heart of the Luberon, respecting the living. EVERYTHING is done by hand from A to Z. 

100% agro-ecological plants
100% producer

  • On the roof of the world
    Tonic and vitalizing blend to stimulate your inner sun and fill up with energy.
    Lemon grass, olive tree, Tulsi basil, quince, carrot, blueberry
  • A tounesol at my window
    A fresh blend with a lemon tone to brighten up your day.
    Verbena, rosemary, sunflower, basil, lemon

Hot chocolate * 8 €

Organic milk, Chocolate Excellence from Cacao Barry

Also available with vegetable milk.

Price including VAT (service included)

Quality charter


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